Categories of 11th Tiger Roar Awards2019-2020

“Marketing Case Category” “Creative Work Category” “Technological Product Category” and “Institution and Character Category” are set in the competition of 11th Tiger Roar Awards (2019-2020).


I. Category Adjustments

1. Mergers of Categories:

In the Marketing Case Category - General, “Real Estate and Architectural Decoration” and “Governmental Agency” are merged into “Governmental Agency and Real Estate Image”.

2. Adjustments on Category Names:

In Marketing Case Category - Single,  “Big Data Marketing” is changed into “Big Data and AI Marketing”; “Variety Show Marketing” is changed into “Entertainment marketing”.

In Creative Work Category, “Short Video Ads” is changed into “Creative Short Videos”; “Vertical Screen Ads” is changed into “Creative Vertical Screens”

3. New Category:

In the Marketing Case Category - General, “Cultural and Creative Products and Related Markets” is newly set.

In the Marketing Case Category - Single, “Smart Large Screen” and “IoT Marketing” are newly set.

In the Institution and Character Category, “Award for New Brand of the Year” is newly set.

The “Technical Products Category” is newly set as a big category in the 11th Tiger Roar Awards.


II. Category Introduction

NoteCategory with "*" means the category is newly set or the name has been changed in the 11th Tiger Roar Awards.


A. Marketing Case Category - General

1Motor Vehicle and Related Markets: Vehicles, after sales spare parts, after sales services, etc.


2Transportation and Commerce Circulation: Airlift, railway, and other transportation; warehousing and logistics, etc.


3Beauty Makeup: Skin care, color cosmetics and related tools, etc.


4Alcoholic Beverage: Liquor, wine, Chinese liquor, and cocktails.


5Non-alcoholic Beverage: Carbonated drink, juice, energy drinks,tea, milk, etc.


6) Food: Processed products, condiments, meat products, dairy products, instant foods, biscuits, canned products, frozen drinks, potatoes and puffed foods, candies, tea and related products, fried foods and nut products, cocoa and roasted coffee products, beans products, special dietary foods and other foods;


7Pharmaceutical and Health Products and Service: Medical and auxiliary sports, healthy living products, fitness equipment, etc.


8Catering and Service: Fast food, chain restaurants, high-end restaurants and all related services.


9Electronic Product and Equipment: Laptops, tablets, mobile devices, game consoles, smart devices, smart watches, smart bracelets, VR glasses, etc., office equipment: printers, servers, photocopiers and other office equipment.


10Entertainment and Sports: Cultural, entertainment, games, sports-related activities, such as outdoor sports, music festivals, art exhibitions, operas, entertainment APP, books and magazines, etc.


11Costumes and Accessory: Clothing, accessories, luxury goods, jewelry, etc.


12Household Electrical Appliance: Big household appliances: TV, VCR, audio, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, etc., small household appliances: induction cooker, electric kettle, fan, etc.


13Furniture Decoration and Daily Necessity: Furniture, wallpaper, curtains, carpets, toiletries, furnishings, kitchen appliances, decorative appliances, bedding, etc.


14*Governmental Agency and Real Estate Image: Governmental Agency means municipal or provincial marketing communication of economic development projects, lottery tickets, public facilities and services, as well as marketing communication of special interests and trade groups; Real Estate Image means marketing communication of building materials, coatings, glass, tiles, real estate, intermediaries, etc.


15Communication engineering Product and Service: Mobile communication providers, high-speed network services, online services, portals, search engines, software, operating systems, mobile applications and related products and services.


16Finance and Insurance Product and Service: Publicizing the spread of the overall image of financial institutions.


17Tourism and Sightseeing: Airlines, cruise ships, hotels, travel agencies, amusement parks, resorts, tourist attractions, tourist websites, booking services, tourist activities, etc. 


18Network Platform and Service: All kinds of websites, App, online games, e-commerce and so on.


19Corporate Image and Promotion: Various activities to enhance corporate reputation (including sponsorship, image promotion and so on).


20 *Cultural and Creative Products and Related Markets: Reinterpretation and Creation to the systematic cultural theme with wide audience in the way of cultural innovation, that is, the behavioral process and related products of cultural creativity transformation.


21Public Welfare: Public welfare activities initiated by enterprises, government agencies and social organizations.


22Other Categories: The categories of cases not listed above.


B. Marketing Case Category - Single


1Media Creativity: Multidimensional use of media combination to stimulate creative ideas, so as to complete marketing activities. Participants need to elaborate on how to combine high-quality media and how creativity contributes to the development of communication. The results presented in the entries can reflect the role of media creativity in this effective marketing campaign.


2Integrated Marketing: To achieve the purpose of advertising communication and product marketing more effectively, we should use the integrated use of multiple media as a means of communication (three or more platforms) and integrate the content of information. Participants need to elaborate on how to integrate resources and maximize the effectiveness of marketing.


3Dissemination of Public Relations: Through effective channels and means, the process of planned dissemination and the transmission of brand image to the public is carried out;


4Content Marketing: By creating and sharing valuable content related to consumer needs and in line with brand spirit, we can get precise audience's value attention and drive consumer action, and then achieve profitable content works, which need to be independent of the marketing carrier. Participants need to elaborate on how the content works can be combined with brand marketing to drive consumer behavior and promote consumption.


5IP Marketing: Through IP marketing to achieve the transfer of brand equity, entries need to elaborate on how to successfully shape IP through insight, explosiveness and creativity, and ultimately realize the process of flow liquidation.


6We-Media Marketing: Through self-Media platforms such as WeChat Official Accounts, Microblog and Headline Official Accounts, information dissemination and publicity are carried out, so as to enhance product sales or brand reputation marketing activities. Entries must reflect the key role of media in marketing activities.


7Mobile Marketing: Using mobile terminals to transmit personalized brand information to target audience directly and accurately. Participants need to elaborate on the precise, interactive, integrated, personal and media attributes of mobile Internet marketing, how to drive creativity burst out stronger marketing effects with the help of mobile terminals, and the results presented in the entries should maximize the role of mobile terminals in the process of marketing and communication.


8Big Data and AI Marketing: Relying on multi-platform big data collection and analysis, and data machine learning ability, AI technology is more applied to the whole process of marketing promotion. Participants should elaborate on how to use big data and AI technology to break the business operation bottleneck, and continue to optimize the effect, making the marketing effect more accurate and effective, and finally achieving greater commercial value.


9Technical Marketing: In marketing communication activities, new technologies (such as AR, H5, etc.) are used as auxiliary tools to enable consumers to immerse themselves in the presupposed environment of brands. Participants should elaborate on how to use technology to achieve brand communication effect, enhance consumers' experience and participation. The results presented in the entries can reflect the role of new technologies in marketing activities.


10)Video Marketing: Based on the network platform with video website as the core, through various ways such as TV advertisement, network video, propaganda film, micro film, etc., with content as the core and creativity as the orientation, the marketing communication of product marketing and brand communication can be realized by using the video content of fine planning.


11New Business Marketing: Relying on the Internet platform, using big data, artificial intelligence and other means, through online and offline integration and remodeling, to achieve product or brand precision marketing promotion and dissemination, such as e-commerce marketing, new retail marketing, etc.


12Game Marketing: Publishing brand information through electronic games and online games, using games as a platform for product and brand promotion, and enabling consumers to interact with brand in entertainment marketing communication.


13Sports Marketing: A marketing activity that promotes products and brands through marketing phenomena such as product promotion and brand communication with sports activities and competitions as carriers.


14*Entertainment marketing: Relying on entertainment form (network variety show, TV variety show, etc.), brand information is embedded in the form of naming, sponsorship or IP cross-border communication, so as to achieve good interaction between brand and consumers, and achieve the marketing purpose of brand communication, attracting fans.


15*Smart Large Screen: Smart TV advertising promoted on public internet, such as     power-on and shutdown ads, pre-movie adverts, desktop referral ads, desktop skin ads, brand zones/shopping mall ads and other brand-based ads.


16*IoT Marketing: In the marketing value mining process, which based on intelligent devices and hardware, the users’ behavior data is collected, detected, analyzed, and finally feed back to the users’ experience, such as smart home.


C. Creative Work Category


1) Video Content: The entries need to present wonderful brand stories on the

screen, attract users' attention with creative stories, and immerse them in them,

so as to obtain excellent visual experience. There are different subcategories:

TV / theater video, online video, big screen event video, and other videos,respectively.


2) *Creative Short Video: Entries need to show excellent advertising creative content in the video, and make users feel the subtlety of this creative content. It does not include vertical screen advertisement in the form of full vertical screen.


3) *Creative Vertical Screen Advertising: The entries must conform to the mobile

user's habits and present dynamic original advertisements in the form of a comprehensive vertical screen. It is more interactive with users and enables them to get immersive viewing experience.


4) Comic and Animation: The entries must have the creativity of entertainment, games, animation and other contents to evolve into cultural trends, and communicate with users in a new way to convey brand information. 


5) Interactive Display: The award is for marketing program that uses interaction as the basis of presentation. Entries need to communicate with users in an innovative way, convey brand information, and respond promptly after users give feedback.There are interactive advertising, interactive environment design and data visualization design respectively.


6) Interaction Technique: Entries need to enhance their user experience with

unique creativity and high technology in various channels. There are human computer interaction, App, multimedia, VR experience and other technical performance.


Category Description


Detailed description

1. Video Content

The entries need to present wonderful brand stories on the screen, attract users' attention with creative stories,and immerse themselves in them, so as to obtain excellent visual experience. The works include all kinds of video files, brand stories or public welfare narratives created in the form of micro-films. Video content should be substantial, vivid, healthy and positive. No pornography, violence, invasion of privacy, reactions or violations of laws and relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China should be allowed.

A. TV / Cinema Video

Video played on TV or cinema: less than 300 seconds.

B. Online Video

Video played on online media or platforms.

C. Large screen & Event Video

Videos that are shown in public and private events. Such as sports venues, festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, awarding ceremonies, seminars, etc.

D. Other Videos

Other types of videos not mentioned above.

2.*Creative Short Video

 Entries need to show excellent advertising creative content in the video, and make users feel the subtlety of this creative content, including vertical screen advertising in the form of full vertical screen.

*Creative Short Video

Video ads on online media or platforms,15-180-seconds.

*Creative Vertical Screen Advertising

The entries must conform to the mobile user's habits and present dynamic original advertisements in the form of a comprehensive vertical screen. It is more interactive with users and enables them to get immersive viewing experience.

*Creative Vertical Screen Advertising

Creative advertisements in form of  videos or AI techniques.

4. Comic and Animation

 The entries must have the creativity of entertainment, games, animation and other contents to evolve into cultural trends, and communicate with users in a new way to convey brand information.

A. Games /  E-sports 

(or Comic and Animation)

In the game products and activities, through the design and promotion of the core content of the game, franchise, display brand, products and processes.

5. Interactive Display

The award is for marketing program that uses interaction as the basis of presentation. Entries need to communicate with users in an innovative way, convey brand information, and respond promptly after users give feedback.

A. Interactive Advertising

Break the traditional advertising form, focus on interaction and creativity, and create a new advertising mode.

B. Interactive Environment

When users are in the environment of brand marketing, entries need to be displayed with creative interaction and communicate with users.

C. Data Visualization

Visualize the data creatively to enrich the brand, product or service.

6. Interactive Technique

Entries need to enhance their user experience with unique creativity and high technology in various channels.

A. Human-computer Interaction

The multiple application of artificial intelligence technology makes modern advertising marketing more diversified and improves consumers' use experience.

B. Virtual Reality

The use of VR/AR technology. 360 degrees in all directions.  Convey the brand information in the form of creativity.

C. H5

The entries need to be displayed on a portable platform. They need to focus on the specific interface functions introduced to make them unique and creative.

D. Mobile Terminals (applications, games, small programs, multimedia)

Any mobile applications, games, programs and multimedia applications, entries need to show their unique creativity, and how to attract users to use.


D. *Technological Products Category

Technological products like digital marketing tools/systems/platforms which can provide one-stop, all-round resources and services for enterprises, and comprehensively reform the traditional digital marketing service models, greatly reduce the practice cost of enterprise digital marketing, and meet enterprises needs in actual digital marketing operation functions.


1The Best Program Trading System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The system/tool/platform accumulates strong technical advantages, unique media resources and users’ deep insights on the mobile terminals, and touch all target users on omnimedias (Internet, TV, outdoor media, etc.) , which can bring real benefits to the advertisers in the multi-screen era.


2The Best Intelligent Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The system/tool/platform with precise and fast computing capability, rich data system, effective user identification method, which makes marketing strategy more precise, so as to help brands realize efficient marketing.


3The Best Marketing Monitoring and Evaluation System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The system/tool/platform, based on integration of web-users’ data, can comprehensively evaluate marketing effect, and provide marketing strategy through the whole campaign, which brings new value to advertisers.


4The Best Video Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year:

The System/Tool/Platform, which provides services on internet videos to optimize users’ experience, and  quickly catch targeted customers to get high view counts through multi-channel data collection.


5The Best Content Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The System/Tool/Platform is used by advertisers to provide various promotion form for content marketing. Relying on professional data processing algorithms, the System/Tool/Platform can guarantee marketing communication coverage while reducing cost on user maintenance. 


6The Best E-commerce Marketing System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The system/tool/platform which is able to intelligently analyze e-commerce advertising data, can provide key data such as average transaction value, sales volume, and merchant information, so as to help advertisers quickly catch market hot spots and reduce test cycles.


7The Best Community Operation (SCRM) System/Tool/Platform of the year

The system/tool/platform integrates the functions of major social platforms to serve community operation, which offers support for online and offline marketing, improve community management efficiency, and strengthen users’ stickiness, ultimately realize users’ value cashable.  


8The Best Technological Innovation Experience System/Tool/Platform of the Year

The system/tool/platform,which serves marketing technology market, can bring new technologies or experiences for marketing industry.


E. Institution and Character Category

1Award for Advertiser of the Year

Nominee: Advertisers

Review Criteria: With high revenue and large advertising amount of the year,the outstanding advertiser should have significant influence and promotion effect on industry development, and have strong sense of citizenship and social responsibility.


2*Award for New Advertiser of the Year

Nominee: Advertisers

Review Criteria: With unique innovation spirit, the advertiser is willing to trying and accepting all kings of new marketing communication means to keep innovating and put creative idea into practice in this changing industry environment.


3Award for Marketing Agency of the Year

Nominee: Agencies, Marketing communication advertising agencies

Review Criteria: Taking dimensions such as strategy planing, creativity implementation, media communication and team service as starting points, the agencies together with advertisers, meet market demands, lead and promote brand marketing development, and establish good reputation in the industry.


4Award for Media of the Year

Nominee: Media organizations, Internet Enterprises

Review Criteria: With significant promotion effect (including audience, brand marketing, as well as medias’ communication effect proved by the third party data) on advertising marketing, the media should realize high increase rate of advertising operation revenue and have strong active influence on the whole society.


5Award for Bid Data & Intelligent Enterprise of the Year

Nominee: Digital technological companies, big data service companies

Review Criteria: Based on big data and intelligence, the companies help advertisers catch target audience, so as to prejudge and adjust the advertising content, time, and form. At the same time, through the way of technology monitoring, advertising effects optimization, or integrated campaign with big data and programmatic buying as the core highlights, the company can complete the advertising, ultimately brings a higher return of invest for advertisers.


6Award for New Company of the Year

Nominee: New established digital marketing companies

Review Criteria:

1.Established after 2015 (except for special conditions)

2.Focusing on digital marketing industry

3.Owning innovative technology, product, or application developed independently


7Award for Character of the Year

Nominee: Excellent leaders who promote the industry development

Requirement: Leaders at VP level

Review Criteria: Praise leaders who integrate industry resources and have significant influence on the industry. (he will not be reelected within 3 years after being awarded)


8Award for New Character of the Year

Nominee: Talents with specific experience who promote the industry development

Requirement: Bore before 1985, or at director or above level with working experience within 10 years.

Review Criteria: Praise new industry talents, who put forward new initiatives, new ideas and have constructive contributions to the industry in 2019-2020. Participants need to submit documents about marketing activities led by individuals, or materials about their new views or theories accepted by the industry.

III.  Entries Submission

1 The company should download and fill in personal information.

2 Download the confirmation letter, print and stamp with official seal, then upload the scan.

3Download the following template by case type requirement and fill it using simplified Chinese.

4Personal information, entry confirmation and case need to be packed and sent to the email:

5 We staff will register for you and submit to the system.

6 After submission, we staff will report the account and details back to you.

File Download LinkHere is your file to submit



1Font: Microsoft black; font size: No. 14.

2The name of your company must be avoided in the content and the name, otherwise the work will not be valid (Except for media platforms and advertisers).

3Please convert the traditional Chinese characters into simplified Chinese characters.

4All pictures must be inserted instead of copied and pasted.

5When describing, there should be both pictures and articles, in order to maximize the communication effect. The picture should be inserted in the corresponding position of the description. Image accuracy: 300dpi, image format: jpg. The number of pictures in each case is no more than 12.

6You can upload PDF or video. Local videos need be within 10M each, less than 5, and only supports MP4 format. Online videos need to add flash address.

7One case can only choose 1 General Category and 2 Single Category in Marketing Case. One work can choose 2 categories at most in Creative Work.

8One company can submit 20 cases at most; members of CAAC Digital Marketing Committee can submit 30 cases at most.